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We are Ya Ya Club Clothing Company...

It all began back in 2001, when after having much success as a retailer and wholesaler in California a God—fearin', life—lovin', wine—drinkin' feisty fashionista named Angie packed her bags and headed back to her Lone Star roots! She opened an awesome little boutique called Ya Ya Club in her hometown of Beaumont, Texas. She filled it with brands like Free People, Lucky, TOMS, Citizens of Humanity, Michael Stars and other delightful apparel, as well as funky gifts. She had a Cracker Jack team of amazing women along her side and watched her store flourish. After a lot of soul searching she decided to give women everywhere a clothing line that was fabulous, affordable and catered to the many fashion personalities we all have: flirty, bohemian, chic, sassy, sweet and a of course, a little sexy!

Thus Ya Ya Club Clothing was born! Angie and her power house team began shipping Yaya Club Clothing all over the USA...

Since then, the little pioneering boutique that could has weathered financial hurricanes, actual blow—your—house—down hurricanes, and other various metaphorical storms to be the most reliable fashion retailer in the area!

In 2015 Angie and her wolf pack started another clothing Brand called BOHO JANE. Boho Jane became Angie's wholesale voice..lt allowed the quintessential elements of her taste to resonate in more stores across the US. Boho Jane was a bit higher retail (using native fabrics and details that cost the consumers a few more bucks to ship from South America).

Life was good.

BUT times they were a'changin'. Even as Angie began work on brand-new, custom built shop in Beaumont, she relocated to Katy, Texas. There, a lunch meeting with a clothing buyer and a shopaholic led to the NEXT BIG THINGTM.

Robin Ebrecht and Angie McClelland are all well—known Katy Community fixtures in their own right. They are known as problem solvers, community leaders, philanthropists, and business women who come with a strong work ethic. When you mix in their love of family and friends, add a bit of their flair for fashion, sports and fun, well Katy gets something new and exciting in Yaya Club Katy.

Yaya Club Katy is set to become the next big thing in the boutique fashion options by offering both a storefront and online shopping experience for their specific target audience. Driven by their faith and experience, you'll see a wide spectrum of design styles, serving sizes from xs to 3x, in a moderate to mid-range price.

Robin and Angie will continue to serve our local schools and the community with targeted fundraisers and spirit night events to benefit our youth groups, all while providing exciting designs to their fan base. Known as "sports moms" who live on the football, baseball and track fields in the area — and around the country, you can expect something new and different in apparel from Yaya Club Katy.

You'll find many ways to shop from their social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, where customers can register and shop through the Yaya Club Katy VIP group, or scroll through their website for special deals. You'll see live chats and streaming events to share new fashion trends with their friends as well as special events like — Christmas with Santa, Guys Shopping Night, Wish—List Wednesday, Jingle Bell Market, Girl's Night Out and School Spirit Nights.

Yaya Club Katy has a full calendar of exciting events planned for Friends, Family and Fans. You can shop online or in the store, located at 123 FM 1463 in the heart of Katy directly across from Katy High school. See you at the club.